Front-end pin-out

The front-end pin out

  1. GND
  2. AGC input
  3. ATT-control
  4. 1nF (to GND)
  5. RF-in (originally)
  6. ATT-control
  7. Marker input (see note below)
  8. GND
  9. FM IF out 10.7MHz
  10. GND
  11. RX 8V
  12. GND
  13. Tune input
  14. SSB IF out 10.7MHz
  15. NB input
  16. GND
  17. LO input
  18. GND

pin5: I have a separate cable to a SMB-connector on the front-end PCB, (ie not used).
pin7: Remove C50 from the original board and connect pin7 to 13.6VDC.